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Marc's Turbo Mazda RX7 Series II

Marc's 1983 Mazda RX7 Series II has a Series 4 RX7 13B turbo with Haltech F9 engine management and is a daily driver! Now updated with new pics and 280kW motor...
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Old-School Thrashers

Everyone loves an old car that doesn't cost a lot that you can thrash. Here's a KE70 Corolla and an N12 Pulsar hatch just like that.
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Return of the Monte Carlos

Neil and Debbie from Wisconsin have sent a bunch more pics of their tidy 1978 Monte Carlo and 1980 Monte Carlo.
[ Read Return of the Monte Carlos ]


Hayden's HSV GTO Coupe

Pics and info about Hayden's HSV GTO Coupe (it's NOT a Monaro!). Sadly, we don't have any HSV burnouts just yet.
[ Read Hayden's HSV GTO Coupe ]


Joel's Ford Mustang

Joel scored an internship at a large computer company, and now he gets to drive somebody else's late model Ford Mustang around sunny California. Some people have all the luck...
[ Read Joel's Ford Mustang ]


The Charade Brigade

Folks, lock your children away and board up your windows cause the Charade Brigade is here and they mean business! We've got pictures and video of the toughest three cylinder Daihatsu Charades around.
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The Bandag Bullet Drag Racing Truck

The Bandag Bullet is a 24 litre twin supercharged quad turbo diesel monster that runs the quarter mile in around 12 seconds. It also does massive burnouts.
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Glenn's Toyota Corolla

Feature car: Glenn's AE71 Toyota Corolla with 4AGE twin cam conversion. Includes pictures and specs.
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