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Burnouts by Geniuses!

The lads at Top Gear get three boffins (including a rocket scientist) to try and do skids in a modded 300ZX. Can smart people do burnouts in a 400hp turbo car?
[ Read Burnouts by Geniuses! ]


BMX Burnouts!

I've never seen this done...burnouts on a BMX bike! I'm so copying.
[ Read BMX Burnouts! ]


American Muscle Burnout Fest

We've already proved V8s are best for burnouts, and where are all the V8 motors? The United States of America, that's where.
[ Read American Muscle Burnout Fest ]


V8 Burnouts are Best!

We all know a V8 is great when it comes to burnouts. These burnout videos sent in by thrashcar readers prove that point.
[ Read V8 Burnouts are Best! ]


Burnout Videos - Toyota Celica and Mitsubishi Cordia

These old-school rice burners also burn their tyres in these burnout videos. A Mitsubishi Cordia and a Toyota Celica star in this episode.
[ Read Burnout Videos - Toyota Celica and Mitsubishi Cordia ]


Ben's VP Commodore Burnouts

Simple burnout pictures recipe: One stock Holden VP Commodore, one quiet street, one madman behind the wheel and one bloke to take some pictures. Instant fun!
[ Read Ben's VP Commodore Burnouts ]


Four Fangin' Corollas

Four blokes have kindly sent in pics of their basher Corollas doing burnouts. Built Toyota tough, alright...
[ Read Four Fangin' Corollas ]


VL Calais Burnouts

More Holden burnouts with this VL Calais. The road to tyre-smoke is fraught with danger, check out the hole in the engine block!
[ Read VL Calais Burnouts ]


VN Commodore Crazy!

Here's a burnout video and some photos two VN SS Commodores doing what we all know they were built for: burnouts!
[ Read VN Commodore Crazy! ]


Ford Fairlane ZC Burnout Pictures

Some great burnout pictures of this ZC Ford Fairlane from Tasmania.
[ Read Ford Fairlane ZC Burnout Pictures ]


RX8, Suzuki GSXR1100, a Commodore and a HZ Holden Wagon

Here's a bunch of burnout video and pictures thrashcar readers have sent in recently. There's plenty of variety with a motorbike, a rotary, a Commodore and an old Holden stationwagon.
[ Read RX8, Suzuki GSXR1100, a Commodore and a HZ Holden Wagon ]


Andrew's VT SS Commodore

Andrew's sent us these video and pictures of him doing burnouts in his VT Commodore SS, with the Gen III LS1 5.7 V8 motor.
[ Read Andrew's VT SS Commodore ]


Prestige Burnout Videos

Luxury barges can turn the treads too! Check out this Mercedes Benz SL55 and a BMW 5-Series doing donuts...and of course, the Datsun 120Y.
[ Read Prestige Burnout Videos ]


Burnout Pictures - With a Difference

A couple of readers have recently sent in some unusual burnout pictures of a forklift (!) and a Commodore burnout from a weird angle...
[ Read Burnout Pictures - With a Difference ]


Wes's XR8 Falcon Ute

Wes sent us some pics of him fanging BA Falcon XR8 ute like a demon. Hanging a burnout this sideways in such a new car...gawd.
[ Read Wes's XR8 Falcon Ute ]


Darren's EF Falcon

Darren chucked some pretty good donuts in his red EF Falcon. Ah, burnouts on a country road...
[ Read Darren's EF Falcon ]


Mitsubishi Nimbus Burnouts

You think you've seen everything and then somebody does a burnout in a Mitsubishi Nimbus.
[ Read Mitsubishi Nimbus Burnouts ]


RX7 Burnouts

Not one but seven videos of this Series II RX7 doing donuts! As well as some pics...
[ Read RX7 Burnouts ]


Lakeside Raceway Burnouts

Check out these pics from a burnout competition a few years ago.
[ Read Lakeside Raceway Burnouts ]


Brett's FC Holden Burnout

Brett has sent us some pics of his top-quality burnout effort in his FC Holden, with a Chev 400 V8.
[ Read Brett's FC Holden Burnout ]


Aaron's Turbo VN Commodore

Aaron says he has a turbo VN Commodore. Here's a couple of pictures of him doing a burnout.
[ Read Aaron's Turbo VN Commodore ]


VL Commodore Wagon

Richard sent in some pics and a video of his VL Commodore stationwagon doing a good solid burnout. Not bad for a 15-year old automatic six-cylinder car.
[ Read VL Commodore Wagon ]



Two thrashcar readers have sent in tough videos of their cars doing burnouts. Ben's N13 Pulsar burnout is a good effort, and Neil's 1978 Monte Carlo with a 402 big-block sounds unreal.
[ Read Burnouts! ]


Burnout Bonanza

thrashcar readers have sent in a bonanza of burnouts this week. Lots of Commodore burnouts...and a Chrysler Sebring burnout, too.
[ Read Burnout Bonanza ]


Glen's VK Commodore Burnouts

Glen's Holden Commodore VK is being sold off because it's been replaced with a tidy VH with a 253 V8. Here's a couple of burnout photos. Video to come.
[ Read Glen's VK Commodore Burnouts ]


Milli's Mitsubishi Lancer MR

Milli had finished with his old tyres on his Mitsubishi Lancer, so what else was there to do but have some fun finishing them off with a huge stinking burnout. We've got video!
UPDATE - 21st May 2003
New burnout added!
[ Read Milli's Mitsubishi Lancer MR ]


Jamie's HZ Panelvan

Monster burnout at a burnout competition in a Holden HZ Panelvan.
[ Read Jamie's HZ Panelvan ]


Commodore Burnouts

Here's one for the Holden Commodore fans. Photos and video of an early Commodore doing burnouts. It's good to get some Oz Holden material onto the site...
[ Read Commodore Burnouts ]


The Sad Story of the Volvo Burnout

Volvo was a 1985 240GL sedan. Before his farewell, we had to make him try a burnout. Volvos and burnouts go hand in hand...don't they?
[ Read The Sad Story of the Volvo Burnout ]


Mal's Laser

Mal chucks a tidy burnout in his Ford Laser.
[ Read Mal's Laser ]


Lionel's Ute

Lionel is from Bundaberg. Lionel is a crazy bastard when it comes to burnouts in paddock bashers, and he always seems to have something handy to thrash the guts out of.
[ Read Lionel's Ute ]


Daniel's Corona

My friend's RT104 Corona was pretty good at smoking the tyres for a twenty year old 2-litre four banger. Too many burnouts can break things, though!
[ Read Daniel's Corona ]


Richie's Liberty

This front-driver auto would rip it up after unhooking the front handbrake cable. This tiger made one essential modification to make burnouts possible.
[ Read Richie's Liberty ]


Hyundai Excel Courtesy Car

This was an Excel...and it also happened to not be we did burnouts. Even a humble Hyundai hump can make a mess of your Dunlops.
[ Read Hyundai Excel Courtesy Car ]


Fozza's Big Valiant

Fozza had a Valiant...he liked to burnout until the tyres were down to the metal. Burnouts like this are good fun.
[ Read Fozza's Big Valiant ]


The Camry Courtesy Car

It was a Camry and it wasn't we did burnouts in it.
[ Read The Camry Courtesy Car ]