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Marc's 1983 Mazda RX7 Series II has a Series 4 RX7 13B turbo with Haltech F9 engine management and is a daily driver! Now updated with new pics and 280kW motor...
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Marc's Turbo Mazda RX7 Series II

Marc's Mazda RX7 Series 2

Update - August 2004

Series II RX7 Since this page was put up, Marc has had some more work done to the car, including adding a hi-flowed turbo from a Series 4 RX7 to the combination as well as two new 10-inch Davies-Craig thermo fans. He's also found some white 15-inch Simmons V4 wheels, which lift the looks of the car nicely.

red turbo RX7 Series 2 RX7 turbo

With the new mods, the car's now making 213kW (285hp) at the wheels...which is sure a huge improvement over the factory output somewhere around 75hp at the wheels.

Even with all this power, Marc still drives the car to work every day and it's "still very reliable :-)" according to Marc himself. Top work, Marc, this is a sweet daily driver.

Marc's RX7 Series 5 turbo motor

Original Feature Article

This is Marc's Series 2 Mazda RX7. It's a 1983 model, but it's far from how nature intended it to be.

Marc's Mazda RX7 - Side View

The car sports a 1991 Series 4 RX7 13B turbo engine running a front mount intercooler and Haltech F9 fuel only computer. During a recent rebuild (mid-2002) Marc had the motor treated to a large mild port job and 20B rotor housings. After the rebuild, the car has been dynoed at 174kW at the wheels! That's with a stock turbo and only 7psi (0.5 bar) of boost. I wish my work transport was this much fun...

Marc's RX7 - Series 5 Engine Marc's RX7 - Blow-off valve
Series 2 RX7 - Series 5 turbo engine

Gearbox is a Series 4 RX7 unit, and drives the standard Series 2 diff via a three inch tailshaft.

Mazda RX7 - Rear View

Inside the car, Marc has a 10-stack CD player and 6x9 speakers. Series 3 RX7 front seats keep Marc and his passenger a bit more comfortable and save them from sitting on the carpet.

Mazda RX7 Series II - Front Left Marc's RX-7 - Front Mazda RX-7 - Left Side
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