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Folks, lock your children away and board up your windows cause the Charade Brigade is here and they mean business! We've got pictures and video of the toughest three cylinder Daihatsu Charades around.
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The Charade Brigade

The Charade Brigade

Everybody knew it would happen. The fear in the peoples' hearts meant nobody ever spoke of it, except in hushed voices in the privacy of their own home. Everybody knew that one day, they would come.

Both the Charades

Well, it has. The Charade Brigade are here and they're giving you trouble with their three cylinder, 38kW powerplants and four (yes FOUR) 13 inch wheels. Believe it or not, these cars have tyres as wide as 165mm!! It's no wonder the general public has been living in fear.

These exclusive pictures show the first glimpse of the Charade Brigade and their terrifying machines.

Cameron's Charade

The first member of this death defying duo is Cameron. He has been wreaking havoc upon unsuspecting bystanders for several months with his camouflaged weapon of destruction. Cameron's Charade is a 1.0 litre, three cylinder 1982 G11 Charade. Here are some pictures we believe show what this evil doer's vehicle looks like.

Here's a video of this Charade of Death No.1 in combat (576kb)
The front of Cameron's Charade

Glenn's Charade

Glenn is a more recent newcomer to the posse, and it appears to be up to Glenn to ensure that Cameron is not alone in the fight for Charade supremacy. Glenn's weapon looks slightly sleeker and more modern - but don't be misled, under its skin, the only thing that separates this beast from Cameron's is a tachometer that works. Some would argue this could render Glenn a more fearsome opponent, but the sheer power of both machines probably makes the tachometer's effect negligible. Glenn's tool of torture is a 1987 G100 Charade - again with a three cylinder 1.0 litre motor.

Charade of Death No.2 takes out an opponent - caught on video!! (416kb)
The front of Glenn's Charade Glenn's Charade's nuclear-equivalent powerplant Glenn's Charade side on

Charade Brigade Upgrades Weaponry

It is rumoured that the Charade Brigade have been dramatically upgrading their weaponry. Here we have an artist's impression of what the improved capabilities of the Charade Brigade could look like. Be warned.

Both the Charades looking sik The side of Cameron's Charade looking sik Glenn's Charade - side on and looking sik

** UPDATE: November 2003 **

The white Charade has been sold! It's a sad time for the Charade Brigade, but the white warrior has departed for the wrecking yard. The heap of shit blew its head gasket, but still carried on until it ran out of rego, despite making massive clouds of white smoke that blanketed cars behind it on the freeway. It needed other stuff like CV joints and a few other bits and pieces, but to most people's surprise the wreckers still kindly paid $300 for the fine Daihatsu machinery.

** UPDATE: January 2004 **

The red/brown Charade has been given away! A few months after it blew its head gasket and was then repaired, the weapon was borrowed by a vigilante crime fighter. Undertaking crime-fighting duties in the city, the Charade was subjected to bad fuel, hot weather and a lack of water and oil -- essential items for a high-performance weapon like this to function correctly.

Sadly, the Charade just couldn't take it anymore, and died a valiant, courageous death in battle. Its memory lives on...

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