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Joel scored an internship at a large computer company, and now he gets to drive somebody else's late model Ford Mustang around sunny California. Some people have all the luck...
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Joel's Ford Mustang

Meet Joel. This year (2002), Joel scored an internship with a large U.S. computer company. As part of his deal he gets to drive around a very late model Ford Mustang instead of the 1986 Holden Barina (aka Suzuki Swift) that he pedals back here in the land of Oz. The Mustang probably has around four times the power of the Barina, whose blistering 49kW is too insane to mention.
This is what Joel looks like when he stands next to a Mustang.

Joel standing in front of his Mustang

This is what the Mustang looks like. I'm sure these pictures were mainly taken not because of the Ford in the foreground - that's just a decoy so Joel didn't look suspicious taking pictures of the Honda Civic on the other side of the street. I'm onto you, Joel, and I cropped it out!! Muhaha.

The Mustang from the front Mustang right hand side

Ford Mustangs have "Mustang" embossed into the rear bumper bar, apparently. This is a bit like what a few Hyundais (I recall Sonatas and maybe the S-Coupe) had in Australia. I can understand why this is a good thing on a Mustang, but a Hyundai...?

The rear of the Mustang

Yeah here's another picture of the Mustang. It wouldn't fit in the frame of the camera, unfortunately.

The Ford's right rear quarter
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