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Volvo was a 1985 240GL sedan. Before his farewell, we had to make him try a burnout. Volvos and burnouts go hand in hand...don't they?
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The Sad Story of the Volvo Burnout

The Problem

This Volvo 240GL was bought to replace this Toyota Corolla. I know you don't care about that, but because the new owner of this European automotive gem was accustomed to a small, light, nimble twin-cam Corolla, the Volvo's not-very-torquey 2.4L B230E four cylinder with four-speed automatic slushbox didn't seem like much fun. It actually wasn't excessively slow (not like a Charade, for example) but didn't do anything very exciting. Spinning the wheels? Impossible - well, maybe...

The Solution

Luckily the blokes from Castrol or Shell or some other not-affiliated-with-this-site oil company had thought of this type of problem before, so they produced engine oil that was exactly the stuff needed to help out our traction-encumbered Swedish taxi.

Thanks to the team at thrashcar, you too can make an informed decision about your new oil for your favourite road surface from the following manufacturers (among others). Here's their propaganda:

Oil for road use only.
Oils ain't oils.

So what we did was scientifically dump a small amount of slippery juice on the road surface, park the back wheel right on it and then stomp the accelerator! Mash the other foot on the brake and voila!! Smoke machine. Lovely...

The Implementation

But as you can see here, the film crew we brought along weren't really adequately prepared for the innate darkness of the night. So we only have one picture of the very first moments of the burnout when it looks poor. Very poor. The burnout is poor, the photograph is poor (and so were the rest). The burnout was actually quite good, and left a nice mark - which we also do not have a picture of.

Volvo Burnout
Volvo Burnout!

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