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Hayden scored a drive in the Supercheap Auto Ford XR8 for his birthday. We've got video of his driving skillz.
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Hayden's Ford V8 Experience

Where can you go to thrash somebody else's late model V8 around a racetrack for ten laps? Try Supercheap Auto's V8 Experience, where you get to drive their modified Ford AU XR8 for ten laps. The car is modified to a similar spec as a NASCAR, so they say; and while it's not a V8Supercar, it's still pretty handy in a straight line and especially around the corners.

Supercheap Auto XR8

You can watch video of Hayden thrashing the Ford XR8 around Queensland Raceway to see what it's all about. The video is around 16 megabytes all up, but it's in Microsoft WMV format, so it will stream if you have Windows Media Player, and you can just watch as much as you feel like you can handle.

Hayden driving the Supercheap Auto XR8 Hayden screaming around a corner in the Supercheap Auto XR8

They have a bloke sitting in the car with you while you drive, giving you instructions and so on. You get a video of your jaunt and a laminated certificate to remind you how good you are.

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