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Here's one for the Holden Commodore fans. Photos and video of an early Commodore doing burnouts. It's good to get some Oz Holden material onto the site...
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Commodore Burnouts

So a mate and I were driving around Logan late one night recently in my excessively tough Charade. It'd been raining a little bit, some places were wet and some weren't; there had just been a sprinkling of rain in the places that were. So the roads were pretty slippery and I was having a bit of fun being a tool in my 38kW Charademonster.

We stopped in at McDonalds, then the servo up the road, then a cul-de-sac famous locally for its massive size, fairly discreet location and really fun slipperiness when wet.
As we drove down the street, some headlights shone back at us from the donut pad down the end. They thought we were cops, as you do when you're doing stupid shit and somebody's coming. I went past and chucked a handbrake turn then stopped next to them. "Ohh fuck we thought youse were cops ya cunts!" they said. We weren't, so they did more burnouts, while they got video of it and we took pics. Here they are.

Commodore Burnout - a little bit of tyre smoke

Commodore doing a burnout. Not that much smoke yet.

Commodore Burnout

Ye olde (ok not that old) Holden is chuffing out the smoke now.

Picture of a Commodore doing a burnout

Holden cars doing burnouts. It's like footy, meat pies and kangaroos.

Photo of a Commodore burnout

This last picture is a little bit dark, unfortunately so are the few little videos I managed to grab. But here they are, anyway.


Be warned. These are excessively dark. I don't even know why I put them up. I'll get them fixed, I swear. Hehe.

Commodore Donuts video (0.5MB) Donuts in a Commodore
Commodore doing donuts - again (1.4MB) More Commodore donuts
Burnouts in a Holden (1.1MB) Holden Burnouts

One of the blokes there that night said he had a website. Something like But I couldn't get that site to work. If it works later, everyone go visit it. If you were the guy that was there that night then G'day, lemme know if that URL is wrong or something.

My Piss-Poor Efforts

Upon encouragement from the blokes in the Commodore, I badly attempted to do some dumb shit in the Charade. I tried a burnout, which was shit and didn't work. I tried some handbrake turns, which I completely stuffed up and they were shit. I shouldn't have bothered, but I did.

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