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Monster burnout at a burnout competition in a Holden HZ Panelvan.
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Jamie's HZ Panelvan

Holden HZ Panelvan Monster Burnout

Another one for the Holden fans - Jamie sent in these pics of a massive burnout he did in his Holden HZ panelvan at Perth Motorvation 2003.

HZ Burnout

When the pictures were taken, Jamie's pano had a small block 400 Chev motor with a standard bottom end, 307 Chev heads, a Victor E manifold and a Holley 750 Double Pumper. Ignition was by a HEI electric dizzy with a Crane Hi-6 system. Behind this motor was a Turbo 400 gearbox with a Salisbury diff.
The car was originally red, but was painted blue three weeks before the show.

Unfortunately Jamie dropped a valve on Motorvation weekend and put a hole through the block of his three year old motor, so now the van's out of action for a while. Hopefully he'll be able to get it turning treads again some time soon!

Monster Holden burnout Jamie's HZ Panelvan

Update: Video!

Jamie had some video clips of his burnout escapades lying around and sent them to us! Here they are:

The video clips are pretty good, the old girl flicks around like it's on wet grass. Nice driving, Jamie. Oh, and how good does that Chev sound...

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