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Milli had finished with his old tyres on his Mitsubishi Lancer, so what else was there to do but have some fun finishing them off with a huge stinking burnout. We've got video!
UPDATE - 21st May 2003
New burnout added!
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Milli's Mitsubishi Lancer MR

Mitsubishi Lancer MR Tyre Torture Burnout

What else is there to do once you've used up most of the tread on your old tyres? If you're a sook you can take your car straight to the tyre shop and the gentlemen there will unceremoniously remove your old boots, throw them in a corner and then send them off to tyre heaven, where the road surfaces are smooth and nobody ever goes around corners.

Or, you can do what Milli did with his MR Lancer and take your car to a quiet industrial area on a weekend and do massive burnouts until you can't see because of the smoke. All you have to do in a front driver like this Mitsubishi Lancer is pull the handbrake on good and hard, give it lots and lots of revs and then drop the clutch. Repeat until you can't see through the smoke and/or your tyres are shredded.

Here's a couple of videos to demonstrate technique. They're in Microsoft Streaming Video (wmv) format, so you don't have to download the whole thing before it starts playing.

Lancer MR Burnout 56K (250 KB) (for dialup connections)
Lancer MR Burnout Broadband (3009 KB) (for broadband connections)

Lancer Burnouts Torture Part II - How Hard can you Thrash It?

Well, it came time to replace the other two tyres on the Lancer, so Milli just had to take the thing out and thrash it within an inch of its life again. Good to see he didn't hold back at all -- that's the thrashcar philosophy! Here's the videos; they're worth the download.

Lancer MR Burnout II 56K (278 KB) (for dialup connections)
Lancer MR Burnout II Broadband (6754 KB) (for broadband connections)

So next time you're up for a new set of tyres, think seriously about how many millimetres of fun are left in your old ones. Then, drive in an inconspicous manner to your nearest industrial estate or a quiet road where you won't be interrupted and do insane burnouts until you can't stand it anymore. Make sure you take a camera.

Thanks to Milli and RenderPro for these videos.

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