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antiSEVS is a petition against the Australian ‘Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme’ Importation Legislation. The Australian government is passing legislation to quietly kill the specialist vehicle import industry.
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Australian Import Vehicle Legislation Petition

Petition Against the Australian ‘Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme’ Importation Legislation

Sign the petition at

The Australian Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTRS) is implementing a scheme to make importation of specialist and enthusiast vehicles too difficult and expensive. DOTRS has admitted that the new legislation is just to restrict the number of imported vehicles -- obviously the legislation is a response to manufacturers' pressure. The new laws are effective as of May 2003. The The main points of the new legislation are:

  • Every imported car must be complied without any modifications
  • Each registered workshop can only comply 100 cars per year
  • Each workshop must apply for each specific model of car they wish to comply -- at a cost of $5000 to $10000 per application
  • Each imported vehicle must be destroyed or exported if any damage or corrosion it has exceeds criteria

As the petition states, SEVS is designed to quietly kill the import industry, which has grown to serve a market. There is nothing to stop full volume importers satisfying the same market with full volume import vehicles if they desire, but it's unfair to strip existing businesses of their livelihoods to pander to the manufacturers.

Sign the petition at

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