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Photos of the Birthday of Michael's Pizza, Pasta and Ribs. Everything from supercharged V8s to turbo 4 cylinders, Chevs to Datsuns.
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Pizza, Cars and Birthdays

Michael's Pizza Pasta and Ribs 1st Birthday

On the 5th July, 2003, the owner of Michael's Pizza, Pasta and Ribs in Eight Mile Plains in Brisbane's southern suburbs organised a birthday celebration to let everyone know about the restaurant's first birthday. He teamed up with U.S. Automotives to have a Show 'N' Shine competition, as well as a pizza-eating competition, with music and free coffee.
It was a pretty good turn-out, with everything from cars built in the 1950s to newer than 2000 models.
Here are some pictures from the night.

100_1622 100_1642 100_1621
This AU Falcon won the Show 'N' Shine. The crowd must have loved its neon lights, decent stereo system and tidy late-model appearance. The car's fairly stock mechanically, with just a pod air filter and a 2½-inch exhaust so far. The owner's plans are to bolt on a supercharger this year or next.

000_0013 100_1625 100_1630 100_1648 000_0015
In second place came in this beautiful 1955 Chev, with its two-tone blue and white paint and immaculate detailing throughout.

000_0012 100_1628 000_0014
This car is the owned by the proprietor of U.S. Automotives, a performance parts distributor. It's a 1969 Chev Bel Air. Have a good look at that engine bay, this car is great.

000_0020 000_0022 100_1603 100_1605 100_1634
This must have been the fastest car there on the night. It's a 1969 Pontiac Firebird, running a supercharged 355 Chev. Its best effort on the dragstrip is a 10.73 @ 139MPH, which is a top effort, especially for a car that looks this neat.

100_1633 000_0023
This yellow Chev pickup had a custom airfilter enclosure, lots of chrome and neat yellow paint.

000_0025 000_0026
The owner of this Bluebird bought the car in 1991 as a wreck, with the idea of dropping in an FJ20 turbo. He drove the car for a few years with that motor before detonation killed piston No.4. This time he's gone nuts with better pistons and bottom end, a T03/T04 hybrid turbo, 1200cc injectors and a big front-mount intercooler.
The car's best effort with the last motor was a mid-13 second ET, he's hoping for times in the 12-second bracket with the new motor.

100_1611 100_1610 100_1613
This Toyota Supra had a wild Veilside bodykit.

100_1614 100_1617
The owners of this R32 Skyline said it was just their cruiser, because a rotary's too impractical to drive all the time. These are my favourite of the Skylines, especially without any bodykit bits tacked on.

100_1620 100_1618 100_1619
Here's something a bit unexpected. An XY Panelvan with a fairly serious 351 Cleveland.

The obligatory Torana. This one's a green LH SLR with Dragway 5-spokes.

100_1644 100_1646
The pizza eating competition was a laugh. The bloke who won didn't worry about fussing around with individual slices of pizza, he just folded the whole thing up a bit like a kebab and hoed into it! His unorthodox method earned him victory.

Thanks to:

  Michael's Pizza, Pasta and Ribs
  Sunnybank Woods Shopping Centre
  218 Padstow Rd Eight Mile Plains 4113
  (07) 3341 9833

  US Automotives
  Ph: (07) 3341 3544
  Mob: (0408) 017 946

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