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Any tool with a keyboard can bag out somebody else's efforts at doing a burnout, but it doesn't prove anything. Send in your own stuff and get money, chicks and fame.
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Got burnouts?
It's easy to shitbag everyone else's efforts, but what can you do?
Send in your own burnout pictures or videos!

Send Stuff In!

Have a go yourself and send in your pictures and/or video of yourself doing a burnout and we'll put it up on thrashcar.

You can send in your pictures or video by:

We'll take articles about technical stuff or events you've been to, as well as pictures or video of your car, truck, bus or motorbike.

NOTE: thrashcar in no way endorses or encourages illegal activities. Burnouts and other dangerous maneuvers should never be performed on a public road, and appropriate safety precautions should be taken.

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