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Glen's Holden Commodore VK is being sold off because it's been replaced with a tidy VH with a 253 V8. Here's a couple of burnout photos. Video to come.
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Glen's VK Commodore Burnouts

Well it was nearly time for the old Holden VK Commodore to go, and since it wasn't being used for much anymore it was time to take it out for a decent thrashing. It was time for burnouts! Glen hadn't done a decent burnout in this car before, so we were keen to find out how it went.

The motor is a stock-standard but healthy Holden 202 6-cylinder Black motor, hooked up to the standard 4-speed gearbox which wasn't quite so healthy. The car has Pacemaker extractors and a 2½-inch exhaust. The only other mods are King springs with KYB shocks and some pursuit-style steel wheels.

Holden Commodore doing burnout VK Commodore tyre smoke

Video (Finally)

Finally I got my ass together and now we have video of these burnouts. They're pretty big; I was going to cut them down in size using some other format but whatever; if somebody else feels like doing it, feel free.

VK Burnout Video 1 5.89MB
This burnout was OK, Glen went to second gear and the old girl bogged down a bit unfortunately, but kept turning the treads at about 1500rpm by the sounds of it, haha. Back to first and there was more smoke from this burnout. Not a bad effort for a stock 202 motor.

VK Burnout Video 2 5.26MB
The second burnout was more eventful. Glen attempted changing into second gear after a decent start in 1st, but the car just bogged down too much. So Glen went back to first gear again, giving it heaps. This gearbox was a bit worn out and the thing slipped out of gear -- the old 202 saw LOTS of revs before Glen grabbed second gear again. The cameraman (who could it be?) freaks out and films the ground for a second until all is under control again. Once into second gear the Commodore spins pretty hard until Glen decides that he's had enough.

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