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thrashcar readers have sent in a bonanza of burnouts this week. Lots of Commodore burnouts...and a Chrysler Sebring burnout, too.
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Burnout Bonanza

Thanks to everyone who sent something in this week; it's been excellent receiving a bunch of stuff to put on the site. Here it all is below; there's a few Commodores and a Chrysler Sebring all the way from the United States.

Jeremiah's Chrysler Sebring Burnout

Jeremiah sent in this picture of the 2003 Chrysler Sebring he rented. It's what we love to see, burnouts in other peoples' cars! Front wheel drive burnouts aren't always the best but these guys have decent smoke. Good work with the Sebring burnout, Jeremiah.

Chrysler Sebring burnout

Aaron's VL Commodore Burnout

The next effort was Aaron's VL Commodore burnout. Aaron 16 years old and from New Zealand. He bought his VL Commodore for $1000, not running and in rough condition. It's the six-cylinder version (3-litre Nissan RB30E) with a 5-speed manual box. He spent a bit of time on it, replaced the interior with one from another VL and now it "runs like a dream". He has also added a 2ΒΌ-inch stainless exhaust. Aaron thought he'd "give it hell" before he sold it, and like everybody should, he sent his pictures in to thrashcar. You've done well Aaron, especially for a bloke who's 16 years old.

IM000169 IM000171
IM000172 IM000179

VL and VK Commodore Burnouts

Nat and Nick from South Australia have obviously been having some fun doing burnouts in their Holdens. They had a VK Commodore and a few VL Commodores including a VL Turbo all together for a skid session. They've sent in some pretty sweet photos of the results as well as a nice pic of an LC Torana with "BAD LC" number plates. Top stuff Nat and Nick!

VK Commodore Burnout VK Commodore with pursuit rims VL Commodore turbo burnout VL Turbo burnout
VL Commodore burnout LC Torana BAD LC
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