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Unlike all the school Mums' Pajeros and Landcruisers, Nova's Lada Niva is a tough little 4x4 that he isn't afraid to fang through the mud. Here's some pics.
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Off Road, Russian Style

Nova's Lada Niva

Recently Nova traded his Holden Barina on a Lada Niva, which was a good idea cause he treated the Barina like it was a four wheel drive anyway.

Nova wrestles the Niva through mud Is there anything this Russian can't do?

The adventure in the pictures above was at a 4x4 park somewhere near Brisbane, Australia. Nova managed to break a bunch of stuff on his car, including a tailshaft and a steering arm. There was an abandoned Niva nearby that donated some parts, and our hero was back on the road again.

This is what thrashing is all about kids, give it shit until it breaks, then fix it and do it all again. Nice work Noves.

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