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Two thrashcar readers have sent in tough videos of their cars doing burnouts. Ben's N13 Pulsar burnout is a good effort, and Neil's 1978 Monte Carlo with a 402 big-block sounds unreal.
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N13 Nissan Pulsar Burnout

N13 Pulsar burnout Young Ben sent in this picture and this video of himself doing a massive burnout in his N13 Nissan Pulsar. He had to celebrate because he'd just finished his last HSC (Higher School Certificate) exam!

He did three burnouts on the same tyres, and the first one was so big it "covered the hall in smoke and 2 lanes each way on the main road, it was around 30m long and was stationary for 30secs + before I rolled out". Sounds like fun.

Ben says his car is a stock 1989 1.6-litre SOHC 8-valve N13 Pulsar, with a crazy 55kW. As Ben says, it shows " what a top quality car can do ;-)". I'm sure there's maybe a hint of sarcasm there...

1978 Monte Carlo Burnout

402 big block Monte Carlo Neil hails from Hudson in Wisconsin, USA and he has sent us this video of his '78 Monte Carlo lighting 'em up. It's a fairly tough machine. Neil bought it two years ago for $200 and stripped it down, then put it back together, "the way I wanted to!"

Neil and his wife Debbie (aka HOTROD) run a performance shop called Propulsion Performance in Hudson. Debbie bought Neil the 402 cube monster motor (that's 6.5 litres for the metric fans) because he restored her 1980 Monte Carlo for her. The motor has been rebuilt with stock pistons and rings, but it has a lumpy Edelbrock Performer camshaft and Performer intake manifold, a 600cfm Edelbrock carb, Accel supercoil ignition, Taylor plug leads and a big K&N Velocity Stack on top. Roller rockers and Supercomp headers also hang off the heads, and down the back Flowmaster 40-series mufflers quieten things down a bit. 1978 Monte Carlo big block

A stock TH350 trans with B&M Starshifter and a open diff at the back complete the driveline, but Neil's going for a 3:73 posi-traction setup soon: "It's winter time here so it's time to tear it back apart and get it ready for next season."

Debbie also has a Monte Carlo, it's a 1980 model that they also bought for $200. It's had a frame-off restoration, with a new frame, floorpans and trunk (boot in Oz-speak). It has a 30-thou over 350 Chev motor with SRP pistons, Manley pushrods, JE rings, Edelbrock aluminium heads, big cam, 750cfm carb, Edelbrock air gap intake, MSD ignition, Hooker Supercomp headers and 50-series Flowmaster mufflers. Behind all that is the stock driveline with a B&M Megashifter, and the car also has a "way cool custom interior."

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