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Richard sent in some pics and a video of his VL Commodore stationwagon doing a good solid burnout. Not bad for a 15-year old automatic six-cylinder car.
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VL Commodore Wagon

Richard really said what has to be said best, so I don't really need to rewrite anything about this effort:

To Thrashcar,

The video is what i have titled "a little help from a friend". After proforming many burnouts the rubber got extreamly hot and my tyre`s stuck to the road during a ciggie break (from driving like a mad arse) so my poor little baby (the VL wagon) had a little trouble getting motoring. It may look like the filmer attemps to lift the car but by the time he walked his lazy arse over away it went.

A lot of rubber got burt that night..... More than a lot of fun........ The old wagon ceases to amaze.

Well enjoy the pics and movie there are many more to come in the furture. They are a little dull you will probably just have to turn the brighness up on your screen.

VL Commodore burnout VL Commodore stationwagon VL Commodore stationwagon burnout

Well, thanks Richard for your top effort. You can download the VL burnout video (4.8MB) by clicking on this link. It's fairly dark though, and 4.8MB in size, so beware if you're using a modem for your internet connection.

Update: 21st January, 2004: New Pics!

VL Commodore stationwagon Holden stationwagon pics

Richard has sent in some photos of his VL station wagon having some peace from his burnout antics. It's a neat car for its age, as he points out. Stock at the moment, it's in for some mods when Richard finally gets off his P-plates -- he's had to endure a whole extra year 'cause he got done dragging a motorbike!

VL wagon
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