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Aaron says he has a turbo VN Commodore. Here's a couple of pictures of him doing a burnout.
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Aaron's Turbo VN Commodore

Pirated burnout pics!

It would appear that somebody called Ash submitted these very pictures to, a site that is closely affiliated with thrashcar. So Aaron could be lying -- this might not really be him! Especially since the car does look suspiciously like a VL Commodore, not a VN.

See the burnouts at page for more good burnouts and this page's pics.

Aaron kindly sent in these night shots of somebody chucking burnouts in a VN Commodore. He says it has a turbo V8 motor, with a 5-speed manual gearbox. He just has to "give it a bit and the wheels just brake loose."

VN Commodore turbo V8 burnout Aaron's VN Commodore turbo V8 VN

Luckily, Aaron didn't forget to mention that he performed these burnouts on his own airstrip, so there's no possibility of any repercussions of the law for him! I would think that the planes' wings might clip those telegraph poles though, so that might be something you want to look at before you land any planes on that sucker, Aaron.

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