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Brett has sent us some pics of his top-quality burnout effort in his FC Holden, with a Chev 400 V8.
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Brett's FC Holden Burnout

Brett's had enough of the people saying that other peoples' burnouts are crap; so he sent in these pics of his FC Holden doing a "half decent" burnout! I think it's better than half decent...

The tidy "PROPIG" FC Holden you see in these pics is a tough bugger, with a Chev 400 motor (that's 6.5 litres kids) aggravating the tyres through a TH350 auto and a Ford 9-inch rear end. It's a far cry from Holden's efforts in 1957 with the little Grey 131 cubic-inch (2.2 litre) six cylinder, with about 72 horsepower (53kW).

PROPIG FC Holden burnout FC Holden 400 chev burnout

As you can see, Brett's FC has no lack of power now, and will even turn those big rear tyres to billowing smoke without any problem at all. And Brett's message?

"who are these wankers bagging everybody else's efforts. put your car where your hand is, dickbrains or shut the f/;k up!"


FC Holden ute burnout

Thanks for your great burnout, Brett!

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