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Lakeside Raceway Burnouts

Way back in 2000 (I think) there was a burnout competition and a show'n'shine at Lakeside International Raceway, just out of Brisbane, in Queensland Australia.

I can't remember that much about it because it was nearly four years ago now, but who cares; at least we have some burnout photos to show for it. I do remember some of the highlights though, which I will gladly convey to you.

1957 Chevy burnout 57 Bel Air burnouts
This Chevy looked pretty awesome, such a massive car swinging its fat arse around on the track. Then it caught fire, which was pretty cool. Some dudes put it out pretty quickly, but nobody wants an underbonnet fire, especially on a cool car like this.

Datsun 1200 ute burnout Datsun ute 1200 burnouts
This little Datto 1200 ute showed some spirit, giving a good effort for its diminutive size. As far as I can remember, it was still a four-banger, maybe even the original A-series type of motor.

Ford F100 burnout HQ Holden Monaro burnout
The bloke in the F100 gave it a bit of a go on the exit road across the lake as he left, but nobody was really around to see it. Still, they're big tyres huh.

Police Car burnout Police Car Police Car
The cops had a fang in their drag cars, which are part of some campaign or something the Queensland Police have. The crowd was fond of the Police, in their own little bogan, foul-language kind of way.

Holden Torana blue VK Commodore burnout V8 Volvo 240 burnout
Holdens always do burnouts, so I won't comment, but the Volvo actually did a better burnout than a lot of the other cars on the day. The crowd didn't let that worry them though, they still gave it shit for being a Volvo. It had a V8 motor under the bonnet, which helped with its burnout prowess.

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