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Neil and Debbie from Wisconsin have sent a bunch more pics of their tidy 1978 Monte Carlo and 1980 Monte Carlo.
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Return of the Monte Carlos

A few months back, Neil Marty from Wisconsin in the USA sent me a couple of pics and a nice burnout video of his 1978 Monte Carlo with a 402ci big-block motor. It looked pretty tough, and sounds great.
Well Neil and his wife, Debbie, have been sending me more and more pics of their cars since then, and I feel pretty bad for not putting them up, cause their cars are pretty sweet and the pics are good quality. So here they all are.

By the way, Debbie (aka HOTROD) has started an online high performance, sport compact and truck accessories store at

Neil at Brainard doing a nice burnout Debbie's finished Monte Carlo

First up, here's a couple of pics of their cars. The black Monte Carlo doing the burnout is Neil's 1978 model, with the 402ci big-block. The one on the right is Debbie's sweet 1980 model, with a 350 Chev small block motor. A nice pair, you might say.

350 small block and 402 big block 350ci Chevy and 402ci Chevy

Here are the motors of the two cars. The black motor on the left is slightly smaller, you might notice; that's the 350 small block. The one on the right is Neil's 402 big-block.

Small block 350 Debbie's Chev small block 350 small block 355 Chevrolet

Here are some pics of Debbie's motor being built, isn't it clean! And finally the last pic shows Debbie's motor all finished and installed into the Monte Carlo's engine bay. Looks neat. This 350 is 30-thou over (so now a 355) with SRP pistons, Manley pushrods, JE rings, Edelbrock aluminium heads, a big cam, 750cfm carb, Edelbrock air gap intake, MSD ignition and Hooker Supercomp headers. Behind it sits the stock driveline with a B&M Megashifter.

Debbie's 1980 Monte Carlo Debbie's 1980 Monte Carlo Debbie's 1980 Monte Carlo 1980 Monte Carlo

These photos are of the build process of Debbie's car. It's had a complete frame-off restoration job. Neil and Debbie bought this car for $200! It received a new frame, floorpans and trunk (that's a boot!). Debbie also installed a "way-cool custom interior", according to Neil.

1BAD350 Final touches Monte Carlo 350

Here's Debbie's Monte Carlo again, along with its 1BAD350 license plate; and Debbie putting some final touches on the car.

Monte Carlo on trailer 1978 Monte Carlo big block

Here's Neil's car on the trailer at Brainard, along with a picture of his 402 big block sitting in the engine bay. Neil's car has stock pistons and rings, but it has a lumpy Edelbrock Performer camshaft and Performer intake manifold, a 600cfm Edelbrock carb, Accel supercoil ignition, Taylor plug leads and a big K&N Velocity Stack on top. Roller rockers and Supercomp headers also hang off the heads, and down the back Flowmaster 40-series mufflers quieten things down a bit.

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