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Not one but seven videos of this Series II RX7 doing donuts! As well as some pics...
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RX7 Burnouts

Glen from somewhere in New South Wales (Australia) owns this blue RX7 burnout machine. It's pretty tough, and he gives it a flogging! Glen's gone pretty hard with his RX7 and it's good to see blokes out there thrashing the shit out of their car.

rx7-marks rx7-marks2

Here's the RX7 sitting proudly on its marks on the tarmac. These pics were taken a couple of days after the videos below were shot.

This RX7 has its original 12A motor with an extended mild port job, 2.5-inch extractors with a 3-inch exhaust down to a truck muffler. Power from the motor goes back to the wheels via a super-light flywheel and Daiken heavy-duty clutch to a 5-speed 12A-turbo 'box, then back to the LSD with disc brakes.

Unfortunately the disc brakes make it a bit tough to do standing burnouts, but Glen seems to have managed pretty well to do some tidy circle work.

Thanks to Glen for sending in these burnout videos, as well as the Mitsubishi Nimbus burnouts (!) in the next article! Enjoy!

rx7-doughnuts rx7-doughnuts.avi
rx7-smokin-good rx7-smokin-good.avi
rx7-doughburn rx7-doughburn.avi
burnoutcam burnoutcam.avi
rx7-dustout rx7-dustout.avi

burnout-road burnout-road.avi
rx7-steamin rx7-steamin.avi
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