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Wes sent us some pics of him fanging BA Falcon XR8 ute like a demon. Hanging a burnout this sideways in such a new car...gawd.
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Wes's XR8 Falcon Ute

Wes works for Ford Australia as an electrician. He has a bit of faith in the Ford product, judging by his efforts in the photos below.

To have the nuts to hang a brand-new BA Falcon ute this sideways, Wes has some intestinal fortitude. Wes says "this is my XR8 ute rippin a small skid" -- it's a pretty big skid by my reckoning!

Smoking the treads
BA Falcon donut Sideways ute

Below is the original photo that Wes sent in, it's a collage of all three photos into one. Thanks Wes for sending this tough burnout in, it's just awesome to see you caning this brand new ute so hard.

BA Falcon burnout
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