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A couple of readers have recently sent in some unusual burnout pictures of a forklift (!) and a Commodore burnout from a weird angle...
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Burnout Pictures - With a Difference

Burnout Pictures - But A Little Bit Different

Two readers have recently sent in some fairly different burnout pictures to what normally comes through on the thrashcar Burnouts Hotline. The first is a crazy angle of a burnout from a VS Commodore, the second is a burnout by a forklift, of all things!

VS Commodore Burnout

Daniel sent this unreal photo out the window of a VS Commodore doing a handy burnout, obviously leaving a BP Service Station. He reckons "i stuck the camera out door it looks fucked up" -- he's right. It looks tops. Thanks for this different and great-looking burnout photo Daniel.

Out the window of a VS Commodore doing a burnout

Toyota Forklift Burnout

I've never seen anything like this. It's nuts. Mike has kindly sent in pictures of him smoking the tyres pretty well on his forklift! If you're keen to try this, it looks like the technique might be to gently place the forks up against some kind of solid object like a bit of concrete guttering, and then floor it and wait for the smoke to start.

Toyota Forklift burnout

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