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Luxury barges can turn the treads too! Check out this Mercedes Benz SL55 and a BMW 5-Series doing donuts...and of course, the Datsun 120Y.
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Prestige Burnout Videos

Prestige Burnout Videos - AMG SL55, BMW 5-Series...and a Datsun 120Y!

Hello chaps, it's with pleasure that I bring you these smashing new burnout videos from a sweet AMG SL55, and some crazy bastards fanging a $100 Datsun 120Y and a BMW 5-Series.

AMG SL55 Convertible Burnout

This was sent in by Matthew, who bet his boss that he wouldn't do a burnout in his awesome new AMG SL55.

See I had a bet with my boss that he wouldn't smoke the tires in his Mercedes Benz SL55, and since he did it I lost the bet and now have to pay up. Which is to put this video on your website, rember when viewing this he wasn't even trying. The limits of this car is mind blowing.
Best Regards

In case you don't know what an AMG SL55 is, it's an AMG-enhanced Mercedes Benz SL500, and has a 5.5-litre supercharged V8 with 493hp. The SL500 has 302hp from its 5-litre 24-valve V8, as a comparison.

AMG SL55 burnout video

WMV Format

Anyway, this bloke is a champion in my books, he did two huge burnouts in his spanking new $US120k car! Top work, and top work to Matthew, who sent this in.

Datsun 120Y Skids - and a BMW 5-Series!

In keeping with the luxury prestige theme, we now bring you a BMW 5-series burnout, followed by a classy $100 Datsun 120Y burnout on the same video. Matthew sent it in, he and some mates chucked in for the Datto while his mate owns the 5-series Beemer hanging donuts at the beginning. Top work lads!


WMV Format

There's some graphic scenes involving the near-death of a moth in the above burnout video, so those with moth fetishes or who are otherwise opposed to moths being thrown under the tyres of a powerful Datsun should probably not watch.

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