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Everyone loves an old car that doesn't cost a lot that you can thrash. Here's a KE70 Corolla and an N12 Pulsar hatch just like that.
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Old-School Thrashers

Old-School Thrashers

A couple of thrashcar readers have delivered us their old-school bashers that they're loving having fun with. One car is a daily-driver Corolla with plenty of aftermarket mods, and the other car is a beautiful old Pulsar that's gloriously living its last days on a few acres having its shapely hatchback body rammed into trees.

Michael's KE70

Michael's KE70 Corolla looks like it's a daily driver, but he's enhanced it with a bunch of cardboard, "Fragile" packing tape and some race markings.

DSCF0112 DSCF0113

Michael says he's had this Corolla for about two years and "she hasn't let him down yet", he says. They're tough little things, those Corollas, and this one's even tougher with its awesome body kit and high-performance graphics.

DSCF0119 DSCF0121

Good work Michael, your pics are great fun, and that's what it's all about -- having a bunch of fun with whatever you run.

DSCF018 DSCF0144

The Pulsar

This N12 Pulsar hatch is a beauty! Its owners obviously love it to death, and show it by smashing the thing into trees and whatever they feel like.

car2 car4

Here's what the owner of this Pulsar had to say:

my car was a excellent car till i flogged it and got it up to 110 and pulled the hand brake and the car skidded around clockwise and slammed it into a tree. here are some of my little rice burner a Nissan Pulsar 1986 front wheel drive.
car3 car5

The old girl is starting to show some signs of wear and tear though, they'll have to ease up on her lest she give up the ghost, I feel. They didn't say whether the beast still runs or not...

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