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Andrew's sent us these video and pictures of him doing burnouts in his VT Commodore SS, with the Gen III LS1 5.7 V8 motor.
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Andrew's VT SS Commodore

Andrew from Sydney has this VT Commodore SS, and doesn't mind giving it a flogging. That's the thrashcar way, it's what we love to see. Andrew's car has the 220KW Gen III 5.7 litre V8 motor, not the old Holden 5.0 litre lump, so it has a bit extra poke than some other VTs, plus Andrew has put some extractors and a dual 2.5-inch exhaust that sounds pretty sweet.

car1 car2 car3

Andrew's sent in some good video of him doing a decent burnouts, as well as a bit of fanging around the streets with some mates. Top work; give it heaps Andrew.

vt-burnout vtprodfinal.wmv (2.5MB)
Windows Media Player
Andrew does a tidy donut in the VT...

publicnv1 publicnv1.wmv (31.3MB)
Windows Media Player
Andrew driving around with some mates. The above donut is at the end of this vid, too.

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