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Some great burnout pictures of this ZC Ford Fairlane from Tasmania.
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Ford Fairlane ZC Burnout Pictures

"Jay Dre" who appears to be from Tasmania has sent in these great pics of him doing pretty decent burnouts in his Ford ZD Fairlane. It looks like the Fairlane 500 model, 'cause it has the chrome strip along the bottom of the car, and doesn't it look great in yellow?

Ford Ford1

Ford3 Ford2

Here's the Fairlane creating plenty of fluffy white smoke clouds. Jay didn't say what motor his car has, but it could be a 221ci (3.6 litre) six-cylinder with about 140hp, a "Mustang" 302 (5 litre) V8 with 220hp, or the big-tummy 351 with 250hp. If you want to compare that with current cars, that's 104KW, 164KW and 184KW respectively. It looks like this car has a big-bore exhaust as well, plus some tidy mag wheels.

BurnoutMarks Ford6

Good work Jay, you have to love a massive old car being driven in anger.

Ford7 Ford4 Ford5

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