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Here's a burnout video and some photos two VN SS Commodores doing what we all know they were built for: burnouts!
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VN Commodore Crazy!

Here's a couple of VN SS Commodores sent in by a couple of blokes recently. KERB sent a pretty good video of him swinging his VN SS with 5-spoke mags around in a couple of donuts, and Paul from Bathurst sent two pics from his mobile phone via PXT messaging! That's a thrashcar first.

kerbvnss KERB-VNSSCommodore.mpeg (3.03MB)

Here's KERB's VN doing donuts in a cul-de-sac, looks to me like it's being filmed from inside another VN or VP Commodore, too. KERB's SS sure carves up the bitumen with no problem; those EFI 304 motors have plenty of grunt don't they?

Paul from Bathurst says these pics are of "Just a little one in my old SS". Looks like a pretty decent-sized burnout to me...
paul-vnss1 paul-vnss2

Thanks fellas for sending these in, you've got me thinking...a VN Commodore SS thrasher would be a pretty fun thing to have.

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