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More Holden burnouts with this VL Calais. The road to tyre-smoke is fraught with danger, check out the hole in the engine block!
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VL Calais Burnouts

Jaden has sent in a bunch of great pics and some really good videos of his VL Calais. He's converted it to a 5-speed manual, as well as added some Coby extractors and a 2.5-inch exhaust that finishes with a 3-inch tip.

vl-calais-lightson vl-interior

The Calais also has some nice stereo gear; a Sony Xplod head-unit with a 10-disc MP3 changer drives an Xplod XM754SX amp. The tunes pump from the amp into two 12-inch subs, two Sony 6.5-inch component speakers and two Fusion 6x9s in the rear.

vl-side vl-underbonnet

The car sits a bit closer to the ground thanks to King springs, and looks tougher thanks to 16-inch Momo alloy wheels. Jaden plans to put on some 18-inch wheels, get a bodykit and respray the car.

blown-rb30 rb30-motor

The motor had to be swapped out after it blew something in a big way on a long trip, and punched a hole in the side of the block, as you can see above! It's all fixed up now, but Jaden has plans to put in an RB25 turbo from a Skyline, which should be a fairly easy conversion from the RB30 in there now. Can't wait to see what he gets up to with a turbo motor in this Calais!

vl-motor vl-motor2

vl-burnout1 vl-burnout2

Of course, what you really want to see is burnouts, so here they are. Two are pretty smoky efforts in a driveway -- lots of billowing smoke from those, and look out for the traffic! Haha. The donut is another pretty good effort on some bitumen somewhere, tidy work Jaden, and as you say, they're "not bad for a n/a six-cylinder".

VL Burnout vl-burnout1.wmv (1.1MB)

VL Calais Burnout 2 vl-burnout2.wmv (2.5MB)

VL Calais Donuts vl-donut.wmv (1.24MB)

Thanks Jaden for sending these photos and vids in, some top work with your VL Calais. Can't wait to see it with a turbo motor and 18-inch wheels mate.

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