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Four blokes have kindly sent in pics of their basher Corollas doing burnouts. Built Toyota tough, alright...
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Four Fangin' Corollas

It looks like old Corollas are a favourite with thrashcar readers, a few of whom have recently sent in pics of these three old Toyotas being thrashed within an inch of their life.

Flamed KE55 Corolla

Corolla burnout in driveway First up is the 'Urrbrae Kids' with their KE55 emblazoned with big flame graphics down the sides and a nicely redecorated front end.

Here's the old beast tearing up its tyres and making a mess of the driveway, evidently!

From the Urrbrae Kids:
"we love holdens but we love killing jap crap more!!!
DIE SCUM DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
URRBRAE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Awesome KE20 Corolla

KE20 Corolla Burnout Joe's kindly sent these photos of his weapon, which is an old KE20 Corolla two-door. It's been enhanced with a 'big' 4K motor (all 1400cc of it) that's good for 63hp (yes 47kW) and cost a huge $25. That would bring the cost of the car including original purchase price of $50, to a grand total of $75, plus consumables like tyres and fuel, I would assume.

Corolla Burnout KE20 Corolla

Joe says:

"She may not look pretty but it does burnouts, and that is what a cars life should be all about, I rallyed this car for months on farms around my town before bringing it home and "baggin it up". The thing was only running on 3 cylinders in the pics so when its banging on all four it is capable of much better :P"

Tuff KE55 with Truck Motor

corolla 006 Harley got his 1977 Corolla 'bush banger' for $100 and it already had a 1.3-litre 'small truck motor', so who knows what motor it is...gotta be a K-series motor doesn't it? Before the engine transplant the little machine had 320,000km on the clock, but now it's going strong again and Harley says it's "sik sliding around on the gravel."

corolla 004 corolla 002

It sure looks the part without its left-hand side headlight and aftermarket front bumper, and can even make some smoke (or is it steam?) on grass!

Rally AE82 Corolla

Front wheel drive rally! This bloke sent in some pics of his rally AE82 Corolla sedan, complete with alloy wheels, missing passenger side front quarter panel and 'BOgAN' racing graphics. Unfortunately there's no other info, though, but it looks like there's some fun to be had fanging this front-driver in the dirt.

AE82 Corolla AE82 Corolla rally

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