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Simple burnout pictures recipe: One stock Holden VP Commodore, one quiet street, one madman behind the wheel and one bloke to take some pictures. Instant fun!
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Ben's VP Commodore Burnouts

Mark has sent in this top collection of pics of his mate Ben doing some burnouts in his stock VP Commodore. Mark's contributed to thrashcar before, with his pics of Darren's EF Falcon burnouts.

ben1 ben10
ben11 ben12

Mark seems a bit disappointed that the Commodore only spins one wheel. True, but we don't care on thrashcar, this isn't, or, it's where all ya gotta do is thrash what ya got!

ben13 ben2
ben3 ben4

I'm not really sure of the proper sequence of these pics, so they're all just kinda chucked in together. Go the Commodore! These burnouts are pretty good work for a stock car, huh?

ben5 ben6
ben7 ben8

So good work Ben, for giving the VP some shit and better yet, sending in the pics to thrashcar for everybody to share. Thanks to Ben and Mark.

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