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These old-school rice burners also burn their tyres in these burnout videos. A Mitsubishi Cordia and a Toyota Celica star in this episode.
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Burnout Videos - Toyota Celica and Mitsubishi Cordia

Michael has sent in these videos of him and Ben doing burnouts in their cars. Ben's car is the Mitsubishi Cordia (the white one) and Michael's is the old TA22 Celica (the red one).

Mitsubishi Cordia Burnout cordia-burnout.wmv (190KB)

First we've got Ben in his Mitsubishi Cordia sparing no horses (or CV joints) doing a great burnout with plenty of billowing white smoke. Good work, Ben.

Toyota Celica Burnout celica-burnout.wmv (2.1MB)

Next up is Michael giving his Celica plenty of stick to do this burnout, and he is making pretty decent smoke, too! It's what we love to see, cars being thrashed, tyres into smoke.

Cordia and Celica Burnout in DivX Format cordia-celica.jpg (4.8MB, requires DivX Codec)

If you don't have Windows Media Player you will want this version of the video, but you'll need the DivX codec installed on your computer.

Top work Ben and Michael for doing these burnouts and sending them in to thrashcar, we love your work so keep it up!

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