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We all know a V8 is great when it comes to burnouts. These burnout videos sent in by thrashcar readers prove that point.
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V8 Burnouts are Best!

Here's a few burnouts that have been sent in by keen burnout fans recently. Good work to these crazy kids, you're doing it for burnout fans everywhere.

The VN Commodore, Chevy pickup and UC Torana are all old-school style of vehicles, two of them have V8 motors and who knows what the UC Torana has, it could be a 4-cylinder, a 6-cylinder or a V8. It's good to see some tough old gear being used to its full burnout potential.

Corey's VN Commodore burnout coreysvn.wmv (257KB)

A good show from the VN, really if you wanna do burnouts, a V8 motor is the go, isn't it. They just turn the tyres, no fuss and no bother.

Chevy pickup burnout neil-pickup.wmv (2.9MB)

As if we needed more evidence that V8s are the best thing that ever happened to burnouts, here's Neil Marty from Wisconsin, back yet again with another fine USA-style V8 muscle burnout. Look at this thing go, there's bags and bags of smoke, from only one (fairly wide) wheel! Top work Neil, thanks for sending this one in.

UC Torana does a burnout tuffuc.avi (605KB)

This UC Torana sure doesn't have a problem getting plenty of tyre smoke, it makes up for its lack of paintwork with plenty of action. Good work to the owner of this car, thanks for sharing it with thrashcar.

Well I think the case has been made for cubic capacity; when it comes to burnouts, there's nothing better! Unless you have a turbo, or a supercharger, or nitrous...

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