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We've already proved V8s are best for burnouts, and where are all the V8 motors? The United States of America, that's where.
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American Muscle Burnout Fest

Neil from Hudson, Wisconsin of 402 big block Monte Carlo fame has been at it again and he's sent in a couple of beaut burnout videos, as have a couple of other fine, upstanding Americans. God bless America and its big-cube, big-torque V8 burnout machines.

Chevy pickup burnout neil-pickup-carpark.wmv
0.9MB (Windows Media)

First up is a big smokey one in Neil's 1980 Chevy CK pick-up. It used to have a 350ci motor but now runs a 305 he's swapped from his Monte Carlo, when the 350 blew its insides out.

Chevy small block 305 A pretty reliable setup that Neil uses as his "daily driver, parts hauler, car puller and beer runner..." plus the smokey burnouts his neighbours hate him for, the 305 motor's specs are:

  • Comp cam
  • 500CFM Edelbrock Carb
  • Hooker Headers
  • Accel Ignition
  • Some pretty bits for show

1985 Buick Regal burnout neil-85regal.wmv
2.1MB (Windows Media)

Next is Neil's daughter's boyfriend's 1985 1985 Buick Regal, with its 350ci small block Chev motor stacked with "all the goodies." It sure has some poke and doesn't have any trouble leaving its tyres in a shredded, smoking mess all over the road.

Wildcat burnout wildcat5-burnout.mpeg
1.4MB (MPEG)

This massive beast speaks for itself, and sounds fantastic as well as looking pretty hot doing an effortless burnout somewhere in a suburban shopping centre car park or something. What we love to see!

Chevy Silverado pickup burnout chev-silverado.wmv
5.5MB (Windows Media)

Apparently the Chevy Silverado pickup in this video has nitrous. I wouldn't be surprised considering the way it struggles a bit to make the tyres slip, then suddenly roars into life and becomes a tyre-shredding monster. Check this one out...

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