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The lads at Top Gear get three boffins (including a rocket scientist) to try and do skids in a modded 300ZX. Can smart people do burnouts in a 400hp turbo car?
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Burnouts by Geniuses!

I love Top Gear, it's gotta be the best show on TV. I mean, who else has tyre smoke and sideways action in every episode?

I love it because the blokes on Top Gear do what any thrashcar reader would do if they had exotic cars at their disposal: they flog the crap out of them, doing burnouts and going sideways at every opportunity.

The episode below first shows a BMW M3 doing a big smoky burnout which is awesome. Then they go on with some elitist bullshit about people who do burnouts being dumb (hey, it's the sport everyone can enjoy) but it's really just to setup their story of some super-smart guys trying to do burnouts in a modified twin-turbo Nissan 300ZX.

It's a Youtube video, click the "play" button in the middle to watch it:

Haha, how good is the first guy! He drives it like it's a video game, just slams the Zed on its rev limiter and fries the tyres like there's no tomorrow. I pissed myself laughing, what a champ. The second guy sucked. The third one looked tough creeping up the runway sideways, even though he didn't get smoke straight away.

While we're on the topic of Top Gear, thrashcar wishes Richard Hammond well on his recovery from his massive crash attempting the land speed record. Apparently he's improving. Love Jeremy Clarkson's comment to Hammond: "I said, 'The reason you're here is because you're a crap driver.'"

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