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This Septic's blown, big block pickup is higher than -- well nearly everything -- and it's got a huuuge 6/71 blown big block motor that can destroy all four tyres in a massive 4-wheel burnout.

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6/71 Blown Big Block Mud Truck Roasts All 4 Tyres

OK this is pretty damn cool. This truck has a mental motor that doesn't blink an eye about spinning all four wheels and shredding all its mud tyres to rubber dust.

I'd love to know more details about it...apparently it's still under construction but I just found this Youtube vid so all I know is this video and the truck are unreal. It looks like old mate has the truck tethered to something so it won't move which is hilarious but whatevers, it's hell tuff.

So. Things I do know about this truck:

  • 440 big block (that's Chrysler innit?)
  • dyno'd at 680 horsepower @ 6600RPM
  • the bloke wants to upgrade to 70-spline shafts in the front axle
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