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Photos from the 1999 QLD VW, Four Cylinder and Rotary Jamboree. Pictures of show and shine, drag and burnout pictures.
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1999 VW Four Cylinder & Rotary Jamboree

1999 Jamboree Pictures

RX3 - Show and shine Orange RX3 on the dragstrip
Immaculate orange RX3 in the show n shine and on the track

Subaru Liberty Twin Turbo Liberty twin turbo again
Late model liberty with a newer twin turbo motor...

Chris Dalton's R100 Blue R100 turbo rotary
Chris Dalton and his R100 did the best wheelstands of the day...

Dutchie - 323 Hatch Yellow 323 Hatch again
Dutchie, the rotary Mazda 323 Hatch doing wheelstands

the PAC Racing RX2 the PAC Racing RX2
PAC racing's 13B RX2 Coupe

PAC Racing's 20B Rx3 20B turbo Mazda RX3
PAC Racing's 20B Triple Rotor RX3

Rigoli's 9-second Fiat turbo powered ute Datsun 1200 ute with turbo Fiat 2 litre
Rigoli's black 9 second ute

323 Wagon 323 Wagon doing a burnout
Rotary 323 Wagon doing a burnout

Blue Corolla Corolla drag car
Early corolla doing a wheelstand and doing a burnout

Turbo Civic Turbo Civic Engine Bay
Early model Honda Civic with a blow-thru turbo + weber conversion. Turbo is from a TX3 Laser

Mazda R100
Nice Mazda R100 with 12-APP plates.

Red Datsun 1600 (FJ-510)
Engine bay of a red Datsun 1600 with an FJ20 turbo

Pearl RX2
Yellow pearl RX2

RX-3 Coupe - 12ENV
Silver RX3 Coupe - 12ENV

Black R100
A tidy black R100 Coupe

Turbo Series 2 RX7 burnout
Blue Series II RX7 with Simmons wheels doing a burnout

This Red RX3 Sedan DUZ10s
Doing a burnout before he DUZ10s

Gold KE10 Corolla, twin carbs
Nice gold KE10 Corolla

Nissan NX Coupe with SR20DE
Low Eunos 30X with big wheels

Pink RX3 rotary
Pink RX3 coupe on the track

Red Mazda R100
Very standard looking R100

Rocco's RX7 with lizard graphics
Rocco's graphic'd RX7 on the track

The orange Rotormaster RX3 coupe
Rotormaster's Red RX3 coupe doing a burnout

Rotorolla used to have a V8, now it has a rotary
Corolla with a rotary turbo. This car featured in Street Machine magazine with a blown 327 under the bonnet, now it has a turbo rotary.

a purple Mazda RX3
Purple RX3

Vlad's RX3
Vlad from Melbourne's famous budget wheelstanding RX3

Clean white RX3
A nice white RX3 on the track

PAC and a Datsun 720 with turbo rotor
PAC Racing and Rotormaster's (?) Datsun 720 ute rotary turbo on the track

Corolla Wagon - APE12A
12A Turbo Corolla Stationwagon doing a wheelstand - small pic.

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