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Fozza had a Valiant...he liked to burnout until the tyres were down to the metal. Burnouts like this are good fun.
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Fozza's Big Valiant

This is Fozza's big Valiant. He had just put in a new head gasket and some other stuff the day before this, and it looks like the work was worth it. This was a spontaneous burnout, luckily we had the trusty digital camera there to record all the action...

There are no words for this... Valiant burnout

Valiant burnout Lucky those are just cheapo retreads!!

After the big-ass burnout in the preceding pics, Fozza went around the corner then came back for more, but the tyres were stuffed, as you can see from these sparks! Sparks!!  Sparks!!

Look at those sparks!!

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