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It was a Camry and it wasn't we did burnouts in it.
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The Camry Courtesy Car

All I am saying is that this is a courtesy car, and it does good burnouts. Camrys are still the worst cars on Earth, though. They handle badly, they are slow, and they are ugly. What more could a pensioner want? Their only redeeming feature is that they use almost no petrol, even when you are thrashing the absolute crap out of them. Not that we would know about that...
If you disagree with/are offended by/think I'm a dickhead for what I just said, you might like to visit CamryMan's Passing Lane. It's a "site for Toyota Camry and Solara owners and enthusiasts", and it's worth a visit if you like Camrys.
[ CamryMan's Passing Lane ]
Camry burnout The wheels had been spinning for about 5 seconds by this stage...the smoke was instant!
The digital camera we were using takes ages to write a picture to disk, so as I took this photo, Richie stopped the burnout. That's why the brakelights were on. Camry burnout
A muddy Camry

Hehe, we also did some off-road work. This was actually from bogging the thing in about two feet deep of slushy, slushy mud. The car wouldn't drag itself out, but another car did it without any dramas.

While trying to recover the stricken Camry, we had the pleasure of meeting a farmer type bloke who told us the story of snapping the rear swaybar on his Mazda 626 (about a 1994 model, I think). He gave us a lift to civilisation so we could get a tow. But that's a story for another time... :)

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