thrashcar - cars and burnouts, photos, video, articles is trying to sell you a manual that teaches you how to distinguish between catalytic converters, so that you can sell them to recyclers!
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Cash For Cats

Cash for Cats is trying to sell manuals that teach you how to tell how much an old catalytic converter is worth, so that you can send them to the USA and sell them to recyclers. You can "make more than most people in a week!"
I'm a bit cynical...anyway the manual explains where to get all these catalytic converters from, also how to establish and maintain accounts with the companies who buy the cats.
Then it goes on to tell you how to find the sweet spots in the platinum market so you can sell the cats. Nice.

All you have to do is send your $30 to them first! It's too easy isn''t it?? Or something...

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