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Holden Heaven
Holden Heaven has specifications, pictures and information on nearly every Holden model. It's a fairly comprehensive site that is a bit hard to get around because of the ads and the layout, but has lots of good, useful information.
MrTX3's Turbo World - Laser TX3 4WD Turbo
MrTX3's Turbo World - This site has lots of really useful information about turbos and modifying cars. It includes information and lots of pictures of the webmaster's Laser TX3 turbo converted to rear-wheel drive (nice burnouts). Also there is his previous car; a monster XB Falcon coupe, and his next one, a twin-supercharged V8 Torana!
Caintmakit! Racing - These guys are nuts. The crazy bastards are into burnouts (in other peoples' cars, which scores extra points), autocrossing and general thrashing and idiocy. Beautiful to see.
Excellent Queensland-based site with lots of pics and useful info including technical articles.
Awesome Australian site about a guy called Lance Warren's adventures with his triple rotor toys. LOTS of pictures and videos, also has lots of stuff about his motorbike, HSV Commodores and other peoples' rotaries.
Photos, videos and information about the Bandag Bullet and the Mack Titan drag racing trucks. These trucks use massive forced induction diesels to storm the quarter mile in under 13 seconds! The Bandag Bullet is also notorious for insanely massive burnouts.
Pictures database containing exotic and sports cars. Also includes downloads and forums.
Plainly designed image gallery of photos of cars doing burnouts. Lots of burnout pictures from Australia and the United States.
Website and online community for the Brisbane, Australia car scene. Has forums, feature cars and reader's rides, so there is a lot of diverse content on this site.
Photos and video of hundreds of cars from Australia and the rest of the world doing burnouts.
!tzalist Car Burnouts Directory
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