A turbo motorbike?! This thing is insane.">
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This video is of a turbo (!) Suzuki GSXR600 apparently. I know nothing about bikes. It's from A turbo motorbike?! This thing is insane.
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Turbo Motorbike

You have to see this video. I've never seen anything like it. It's from This came from somebody else, I couldn't find this video to link it straight from the source, so here's a local copy:

GSXR600Turbo-Tom-HighSpeed-39Sec.mpg (8,125KB)

The video is of a turbo motorbike that sounds awesome, wheelstands for most of the video and does about 5000km/h :).
There's lots of other awesome videos at so you should go visit it, too.

Here's a couple of screenshots from the video. The gauge on the right is the tachometer, the one on the left is the speedo. In the top picture you can just see the tip of the speedo needle, in the bottom one it has gone too far around!

Turbo motorbike wheelstanding Turbo motorbike going excessively fast

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