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Photos from the 2000 QLD VW, Four Cylinder and Rotary Jamboree. Pictures from the show and shine, drag racing, some burnouts, and Donut King stunt bikes.
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2000 VW Four Cylinder & Rotary Jamboree

Nice SR20DET in a 1600
This sweet looking SR20 was in a nice Datsun 1600 (510). The car has since been crashed and rebuilt, reusing the same mechanicals.

standard but neat Mazda 808 coupe standard but neat 808 coupe
Look at this 808, it's neat and tidy.

Blown (Supercharged) Morris Minor
A supercharged Morris Minor.

Blue Mazda RX3 Coupe Blue Mazda RX3 Coupe at night
This RX3 launched pretty hard off the line. I don't remember what times it ran.

Toyota Corona with a 13B Rotary Toyota Corona with a 13B Rotary
This Corona looks just like Daniel's, but should go a lot better thanks to a 13B rotary with a sidedraft weber carb. This motor would help the car's handling, too, being so much lighter, smaller and further back than the old two-litre 18R.

Chris Dalton's R100 always launches hard Chris Dalton's R100
Chris Dalton's HIRPM R100.

Dyson Mazda Series 4 RX7 Dyson Mazda Series 4 RX7 Dyson Mazda Series 4 RX7

data/95/grumpe Grumpe - 20B Rotary Mazda 323 Grumpe - 20B Rotary Mazda 323
The Grumpe 323, obviously made famous by the title banner.

Tidy Kombi Ute/pickup Tidy Kombi Ute/pickup
There was a few nice Kombis at this Jamboree, this one stood out.

Subaru Liberty Twin Turbo
This is a twin-turbo Liberty.

11 second Subaru Liberty RS turbo 11 second Subaru Liberty/Legacy RS Turbo
This Liberty is awesome. Looks the part with its gold paint and big wheels, plus runs low 11s.

Turbo Suzuki Mighty Boy
More people should own turbo Mighty Boy utes.

N4SA KE20 Corolla with a 12A turbo N4SA KE20 Corolla with a 12A turbo
This car is awesome. It runs a 12A turbo that pushes it down the quarter in 11 seconds. But it's not just a drag car. This Corolla has been set up for circuit racing, and as such has enormous brakes, lots of rubber on big wheels and a really good setup. I've seen it on video (Serious Performance Vol 4) and I want it. I liked the modest comments from the owner, too: " goes, it turns, it stops. It's good."

PAC Performance RX2
This car is PAC Performance's own RX2. Runs a 13B turbo for 9 second passes.

RX3 Coupe from PAC Performance RX3 Coupe from PAC Performance
This car is not the PAC RX3 with a 20B triple rotor.

Nice rotary turbo engine bay.

Series 6 RX7 with 20 inch wheels Series 6 RX7
This Series 6 RX7 has 20 inch wheels. It looks sweet.

Rotorolla - 13B turbo Corolla
Rotorolla in action. When this car was first built, it had a supercharged 327 V8 in it.

Rotormaster R100 Rotormaster R100 launching Rotormaster R100 front on Rotormaster R100 side on Rotormaster R100 vs Mazfix RX7
Rotormaster R100. 13B turbo, runs in the 9-second bracket.

RX3 Coupe
RX3 Coupe.

Engine bay of white RX3 Engine bay of white RX3
RX3 with nice engine bay.

Toyota Starlet GT with 3SGTE motor Toyota Starlet GT with 3S-GTE engine
This GT Starlet has a 3SGTE two litre from an MR2 GT or Celica GT4. It ran 12s.

Robbie Bolger motorbike stunt Robbie Bolger motorbike stunt Robbie Bolger motorbike stunt Robbie Bolger motorbike stunt
Robbie Bolger was there with his Donut King stunt bike. He did lots of stunts like stoppies, standing on the seat and handlebars, riding backwards. It all sucked except for the burnouts.

VTEC inside sticker on a Honda Integra

Yellow Gemini with flame paint job Yellow Gemini with flame door trim
This yellow Gemini had subtle flame graphics on the outside, and cool custom door trims. Flames are cool.

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