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A police officer has a collection of red light camera and fatal crash pictures. The pictures are quite graphic and show the results of road accidents.
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Red Light Camera Pictures

Spooky's Crash Site

The Police Officer who created the site
Picture from Spooky's Crash Site

A police officer from New South Wales (Australia) has put together a site designed to try to educate drivers on the risks of not paying attention to the road rules. As the author puts it: "I have been in the Highway Patrol for 10 years. On and off duty, I hate seeing stupidity on our roads. Too many things can go wrong naturally without adding to them with dangerous acts of driving"

Red Light Cameras

He has used a number of red-light camera pictures to show what can happen if you drive through a red light. For each accident, two pictures are shown that were taken a split second apart.

Fatal Crash Scenes

Elsewhere on the site there are photos the author personally took of fatal crash scenes. These include several high speed crashes, incidents where the driver has fallen asleep and an accident involving a Sigma that was doing donuts on a field, then slid gently down an embankment, hit a tree and killed a passenger.
Click on the bottom image on each page to go to the next, I missed that the first time and thought the first crash was the only one on there.

This site is quite graphic and contains some thought-provoking stuff. I also thought that it shed some light on the highway patrol officer's perspective, being that of seeing lots of people dying on the road and trying to make a difference and stop people being stupid on the road. It's too easy to see the police as simply trying to make your life as a driver more difficult.

Police receive a lot of flak and I am the first to criticise them, but they have to do a very tough job that not many would want to do.

Spooky's Crash Site
Fatal Crash Scenes
Red Light Camera Accidents

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