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The Bandag Bullet is a 24 litre twin supercharged quad turbo diesel monster that runs the quarter mile in around 12 seconds. It also does massive burnouts.
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The Bandag Bullet Drag Racing Truck

The Bandag Bullet is officially the world's fastest diesel powered vehicle over the quarter mile.
Frank Gaffiero pilots the Bandag Bullet, and as crowds all over Australia have seen, he swings the truck around with finesse and has no qualms about doing huge donuts up and down an entire dragstrip.

This insane truck is powered by a Detroit Diesel V16-92 with 4 turbochargers, 2 superchargers and nitrous!
The Bullet will accelarate from 0-200km/h in just 12 seconds, and has a top speed of over 320km/h!

The Bandag Bullet is a real crowd pleaser. With all that torque pushing through massive truck retreads, the combination of flames from the four turbos' dump pipes and insane amounts of smoke pouring from the four rear tyres is a sight to behold.


Make/ModelKenworth T400

Two V8 92-Series Detroit Diesel engines fitted with two blowers, four turbo chargers and injected with nitrous oxide.
The original 75mm injectors have been increased to 260mm.
Pistons, conrods, crankshaft and camshaft have been balanced.
Cylinder heads and air boxes have been ported and polished.

Capacity: 24 litres (1500 cubic inches)
Power : 2200hp @ 3000rpm - 2800hp nitrous oxide boost
Torque: 5600 ft/lb
TransmissionAliison Auto-manual shift - CR 6000
Rear Axle Eaton 2300-series with Detroit no spin locker
Rear Suspension Ladder bar with Watts link assembly
Weight 8 tonnes
Construction Frank and Charlie Gaffiero
Tyres Standard Bandag Retreads

You can see more about this truck at, where there's some more pictures, some sounds and more information about the Bandag Bullet and its crew.

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