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Australian Drifting Photos -

Blown Mud Truck 4-wheel burnouts!

This 6/71 blown big block mud truck is massive and loves to spin all 4 wheels hahaha!

Burnouts by Geniuses!

The lads at Top Gear get three boffins (including a rocket scientist) to try and do skids in a modded 300ZX. Can smart people do burnouts in a 400hp turbo car?
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BMX Burnouts!

I've never seen this done...burnouts on a BMX bike! I'm so copying.
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Doing a Burnout with an Automatic Transmission

Several readers have asked how could they do a burnout in their car. Here's a quick introduction to the art of burnouts.
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American Muscle Burnout Fest

We've already proved V8s are best for burnouts, and where are all the V8 motors? The United States of America, that's where.
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V8 Burnouts are Best!

We all know a V8 is great when it comes to burnouts. These burnout videos sent in by thrashcar readers prove that point.
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Burnout Videos - Toyota Celica and Mitsubishi Cordia

These old-school rice burners also burn their tyres in these burnout videos. A Mitsubishi Cordia and a Toyota Celica star in this episode.
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Ben's VP Commodore Burnouts

Simple burnout pictures recipe: One stock Holden VP Commodore, one quiet street, one madman behind the wheel and one bloke to take some pictures. Instant fun!
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Marc's Turbo Mazda RX7 Series II

Marc's 1983 Mazda RX7 Series II has a Series 4 RX7 13B turbo with Haltech F9 engine management and is a daily driver! Now updated with new pics and 280kW motor...
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