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Doing a Burnout with an Automatic Transmission

Several readers have asked how could they do a burnout in their car. Here's a quick introduction to the art of burnouts.
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Off Road, Russian Style

Unlike all the school Mums' Pajeros and Landcruisers, Nova's Lada Niva is a tough little 4x4 that he isn't afraid to fang through the mud. Here's some pics.
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Australian Import Vehicle Legislation Petition

antiSEVS is a petition against the Australian ‘Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme’ Importation Legislation. The Australian government is passing legislation to quietly kill the specialist vehicle import industry.
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Sex and Cars

Lots of people describe unique and performance cars as being 'exotic', 'horny' or 'sexy'. I love cars, but our relationship is completely platonic - at least from my point of view.
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Red Light Camera Pictures

A police officer has a collection of red light camera and fatal crash pictures. The pictures are quite graphic and show the results of road accidents.
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Car Thrashing Techniques

Car thrashing techniques. How to do stuff like donuts, burnouts and how to be fastest in a street race.
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Cash For Cats is trying to sell you a manual that teaches you how to distinguish between catalytic converters, so that you can sell them to recyclers!
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The V8Supercars website now has real-time track-times telemetry to the web.
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Glenn's Guide to Freeway Driving

Freeway driving giving you the shits? Read our new 5-step plan for happiness.
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Photoshop Phun

You can do lots of useless stuff with Photoshop, like spend hours stuffing around with pictures of a car to make it look modified...when it's not.
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