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Got burnouts?
It's easy to shitbag everyone else's efforts, but what can you do?
Send in your own burnout pictures or videos!

Uploaded Files

OK, before you start, there are a couple of rules. They're not enforced, except that I'll get rid of this upload facility if it keeps getting abused.

Don't Upload ASP Scripts/CGI scripts etc
There's no point. They're disabled on this directory. Stop doing it.
Don't upload pointless shit like porn, photos of your mother or your favourite soccer player.
This is also pointless. If you think it's disgusting, I've probably seen it already. I too can use a web-browser and I know about, ogrish, et cetera! This upload site works (usually), don't upload something dumb just to test it out.
Don't upload burnouts or car pictures/videos from OTHER WEBSITES.
If I haven't already seen it, which I usually have, I can't use this kind of shit anyway, and it's often pretty obvious that it's from another site. If you have interesting things to show me, please e-mail a link to me and I will be joyous at the opportunity to share with you whatever golden tidbit you have.
Don't use this as a file repository!
If you need one, use You can't download anything you upload here or to the FTP site anyway! So don't bother.

Other than that, please send lots of awesome burnouts and car thrashing idiocy! Cheers.

Existing Files
You can also FTP big files to if this upload page times out. The username for the FTP site is thrashcar, and password thrashcar.